In 1980, Jožica and Stane Kepa opened an inn, called "Pri Japu". The name of the inn is a household name. All family members have worked there since its beginning. Up to 1980 the place was ran under Jožica's parents management. At that time, it was just a small cafe, which had a (pouring desk) bar and some tables and chairs. Afterwards Jožica and Stane enlarged the place into a big and acknowleged inn, called "Pri Japu".

The inn is surrounded by beautiful hills and forests in the middle of Lower Carniola with beautiful river Temenica running through it. If you are coming from Šentvid to Litija, you can see St. Anton's chapel at the entrance of our parking place. There is a covered terrace besides the inn with a beautiful view of the wine country (Debeli Hrib, Čagoška Gora, Primskovo), where you can enjoy your meal. Our inn is also well known for its corn-rack (toplar) - true Slovenian speciality, which was built in 1999. Our corn-rack is enclosed with plate glass, warmed and air conditioned. We organise weddings and anniversaries there on weekends. You can also celebrate your birthday, christening, Communion, etc. here. We produce our own wine - Tart light red wine from Lower Carniola - in our vineyard on Debeli Hrib.

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